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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Our first Mother's Day in Botswana has been interesting. I called my sweet Mama Saturday morning (her time) and we had a delightful call. I received some delightful notes from my daughters and sons. Wow! I am surely blessed. I had a rotten cold so I stayed home from church. Elder Gubler got to substitute for me in Primary (he hasn't been in primary for YEARS). After church I received 2 text messages from the RS President and from the Bishop's Wife (the sister who ALWAYS helps out in Primary.) They wished me good health and a happy Mother's Day. In Botswana, it's really Mother's Month for all of May. Elder Gubler kept with tradition and fixed me breakfast. (Very yummy avocado sandwich.) He didn't see any wild flowers in our yard. (Darn!) In Botswana, people LOVE the raked dirt look. This morning, he surprised me by finding a wild flower in the back area of our flat complex. So, my Mother's Day was pretty nice. Hope that all of you wonderful women had  happy Mothers Day too!