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Monday, September 9, 2013

YSA Games

Oh yes, Young Single Adult Activities (YSA) are all fun and games until someone gets hurt! OUCH! The YSA taught us some of their outdoor games awhile back. Elder Gubler decided to show them how to play Steal the Bacon.  Elder Gubler made two lines of YSA, numbered them from 1-8 on each side. I put a "bacon" in between the two lines that were about 15 feet apart. Then I called #1s. Elder Gubler ran, picked up the "bacon" before anyone else moved and slid home, nose first. Thus ended the game of Steal the Bacon.  I checked to make sure that Elder Gubler was OK, laughed (what's a wife to do?) and then took a picture. The YSA couldn't believe that I laughed. Must not know me too well, huh.
Elder Gubler bounces pretty good! (Only thing really damaged was a bit of pride..
but doesn't pride goeth before the fall!)