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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Warthog Chops!

"Warthog on the Hoof"

We bought 3 beautiful warthog chops to take to a braai at President and Sister Wilsons.

We had a surprise birthday party for Sister Wilson on Monday, P-Day. As you can see, these warthog chops are lovely! And, they weren't too much (they were P21.50 which is about $2.50 US) We thought we could share an experience with the missionaries. Sister Wilson had gotten a Warthog roast for Sunday dinner and had a bunch of delicious leftover roast. Sister Wilson maybe BBQ "pork" burritos out of her left over warthog roast. We just grilled our warthog chops. Everyone who tried them thought they were delicious and tasted, well, like Pork! We had to get over the idea of eating Pumba, and we really enjoyed the flavor. Most of us have had Bambi and recognized that animated animals aren't real "people". Now we have a new food for our menu.

Well done warthog chops (grilled to perfection!)

I understand Impala is pretty tasty but I'd like to try a smaller piece before I buy an entire roast! :-)