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Monday, October 21, 2013

YSA Game night

Last night we had a wonderful time with the Young Single Adults (YSA) group in Lobatse. The Clowards, our Church Education System (CES) couple went with us. We played a cards game that the Clowards had based on 5 Crowns and with the scripture mastery scriptures. It's a fun game we've played several times with them. The other game we had fun with was a game that Kim and Alli should remember well. It's the board game based on "For the Strength of Youth." We had 17 kids there and 4 missionaries plus the two couple missionaries. We had 9 member kids with 8 investigators. It was so fun. One of the young men that the missionaries have been working with came to church with a friend two weeks ago, last week, he brought another friend. This week, he asked the missionaries when he could be baptized. So fun. Have I mentioned yet how much I love being on a mission? Love the people here in Botswana and especially Lobatse!