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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Today it was 100* so it didn't feel very Thanksgivingish. This afternoon, Elder Gubler and I went to visit a village and pay rent on the 3 missionary flats we have there. The missionaries we visited with are so happy. They had their flats sprayed for bugs, we brought them rice krispie treats and more importantly, they are teaching so many wonderful people. On our way back into town, we saw lots of lightening strikes off in the distance, close to our home. As we came into town we realized there had been a real down pour of rain. While the storm hadn't lasted long, there were lots of flooded streets and people who were pretty wet. When we got to our flat we were delighted to see that our little garden had been amply watered (yea!) and a little beat up. Then we noticed the pretty white stuff in front of our flat. No, it wasn't snow but it looked so nice, white and icy. We had grape sized hail. It almost looked and felt like winter in So Utah, except for the heat :-)

Now the sun is out, the water is soaking into the ground and the hail has melted. But, for a little minute, it felt like a bit of heaven to feel like home here so far away. We'll eat our chicken stuffing casserole and enjoy the evening trying to watch Shenandoaha. Heavenly Father gives such kind tender mercies to his missionaries who get a bit homesick during the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!