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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our moving day! We are using the zone leaders bakki and trailer to move our things, and yes, that is a decorated
 Christmas tree in the back!!

 Elder Gubler driving to our apartment, notice the goats on the right side.
It was a herd of about 25 goats
We Moved!

Monday we moved into our new flat. We now have a place to call home. It's been fun to hang the curtains and to bring everything over from the Kimball's home. We have everything we need. To all our children who served missions: we have air conditioning, a washer and dryer, internet connection, 2 showers, and water and power most days. (The water is good and clean so we don't have to purify it. The food is good and we don't have to treat it either.) Life is good. It's just nice to have our own apartment.

This is our washer and dryer area. As you can see, it's utilizing the storage space under the stairs. The dryer is on wheels and pulls out (with a long extension cord) so I can use the washer and to dry the clothes. A load takes about 3 hours, 1 to wash and 2 to dry. Normally I could hang the clothes out but it's been really rainy and humid lately so the dryer it is today. If you look closely at the dryer, there are a bunch of holes in the front. That is where the air vents and deposits the lint.

Lest you think we are heathens and not doing missionary work, let me assure you that there are a few minutes here and there that we do work with the people.

We went to G-West 1 Ward this week. This is a well established ward and we needed to meet with the Stake President (our Mission Pres. asked us to talk to the SP) to find out which wards and branches he wanted help in. We got to bear our testimonies. After Sacrament Meeting we were stopped by a couple from Sweden. The 4 of us had the only white faces in the place. Oh how we have grown to love these Botswana people already, they are so eager to shake our hands and get to know us. They have beautiful children. The testimonies I have heard here are real testimonies of our Savior and the gospel. Botswana is a truly a remarkable place.

Our Stake President has asked us to work with a branch, Kanye (Con-yea) and Lobatse (La-bot-see) or as our Garmin says, Labats. Lobatse was just barely made a ward and he hopes that Kanye can be a ward in a year to 18 months.


  1. I'm glad you have so many good things!we sure love you and are praying for you!

  2. Your laundry situation reminds me of mine and Nate's first apartment. At least you don't have to climb over the dryer to get to the bathroom:) We love you and are glad you are finally settling in. It definitely is nice to have a place to call your own.