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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Goodbye Taylors!

Saying goodbye to the Taylors at the Airport with Pres and Sister Wilson
Well, the day finally arrived when we had to say farewell to the Taylors. They have been wonderful to work with and live next too. We wish we could have kept them here but they needed to go home to see their children and grandchildren. Hopefully when they submit their mission papers later this year, they will be able to come back to Botswana/Namibia. They have now served 4 missions together and they each served when they were young. Mochudi, the ward they served in, really misses them.

While we were waiting for the Taylors flight to leave, Sister Wilson and I noticed the monkey watching the planes. When we started taking pictures he ran down the upper walk way and peered over the edge trying to figure out what was going on down below. Gee, all you people in St George and the rest of the US usually only get an occasional bird!

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