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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Saying Goodbye to South Africa Johannesburg Mission

President and Sister Omer and Sister and Elder Gubler

Missionaries lined up ready to sing "Called to Serve" as the Omer's drive away

President Omer saying goodbye to the missionaries (the sisters are wearing traditional clothing.) Sister Joseph, who is ready to shake President Omer's hand is wearing my blanket and skirt.
This was such a sad day to say goodbye to the Omers. Not many mission presidents are as kind and loving as the Omers. We are so fortunate to serve with 2 of the best mission presidents in the church.

This was the last day for us to be members of the South Africa, Johannesburg mission. We have a wonderful meeting and luncheon. We were all teary saying goodbye. No one wanted to leave. It was such a bitter sweet time. President Omer had a HUGE mission to work with both in size of area and missionaries. He spent most of his time living in his vehicle going from place to place. 10 hour days just in the car weren't abnormal. Hopefully, the split has given him a respite. Botswana is the size of Texas but with a population of 2,000,000 people spread out all over the country. There are about 500,000 in the greater Gaborone area. The next large population is the Francistown area, and it is much smaller.

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  1. Thanks for sharing updates. WE love to see pictures of what is going on and share with you! We sure love you!