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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dong Liu

Sister Gubler, Elder Gubler Dong Liu and chicken from the Colonel (KFC)
We love our little ward in Lobatse. So many good people live in Lobatse and we have become so attached to many of them. One such friend is Dong Liu. He is Chinese. We have watched him come to church, alone, for months. When my sciatica was acting up, he brought me some "patches" to put on my hip to make it feel better (he noticed me standing in the back of the church on Sundays). When he was called on to pray, he gave the sweetest, pure prayer I have ever heard. Just recently he was given the Aaronic Priesthood and ordained a Priest. He passed the Sacrament several weeks ago. On fast Sunday, he bore his testimony and told his conversion story. Dong Liu had been walking past the church on Sunday and heard music. He stopped to listen. A missionary saw him standing there, went out and shook his hand, didn't let go of his hand, and pulled him in. The rest is history. After meeting with the missionaries he joined church two years ago. His father allows him to attend Sacrament meeting.

2 weeks ago, we found out that Dong and his father were moving back to China this week. We were so sad. We invited Dong Liu over for dinner on Thursday before he left on Friday. Thursday was a hectic day. Dong called to tell us on Wednesday that he wouldn't be able to come to dinner. We were all over place Thursday with a couple leaving, missionaries coming for cinnamon rolls and to say goodbye and just a jumble of stuff going on. We were excited when Dong at 4:30 called to say, guess what, I can come to dinner! Wowser! we put our heads together to figure out what to do. Elder Gubler and I decided that the Colonel would provide the main course (KFC chicken), with mashed potatoes and tossed green salad. We ran past KFC, picked up the chicken and rushed home to started the potatoes. while I was cutting and cooking potatoes, Elder Gubler ran to pick up Dong Liu. In the mean time, several sets of Elders came to dinner also. We had two of the missionaries that served in Lobatse bring their companions and enjoy the meal.

When Dong came in the house, he asked if he could help cook. By this time I had the potatoes cooked and mashed. Dong asked if he could taste the potatoes. Now I had put in butter, cream and sour cream into the Pots and I thought they were delicious. Dong tasted them and pulled a really funny face. He made a few comments about the "interesting flavor" of the spuds. Oh dear. So we sat down to dinner. Most of us really enjoyed the food. At 7:00 Dong told us that he had to leave for a family activity. One of the elders asked Dong how he liked the food. He said it was good and the potatoes were his favorite. Hmmmm. I did wait until he left before I laughed out loud.

We will miss Dong Liu. He is a remarkable young man. We wish him well in China,


  1. I want some of your potatoes!!!

  2. It's great to hear of your tremendous experiences, especially with Dong Liu. Being able to associate with such wonderful individuals have an impact on ones life forever. I'm so glad to hear how well you're doing even after the "steal the bacon" game....lololol.

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