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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Church Uniform

In Botswana many churches have "uniforms" they wear. Usually the color of the clothing designates what sect you are with. It's very common to see groups walking together on Sunday in their uniforms. Some of the uniforms are lavender, pink, pale blue etc. We are constantly asked why the girls in our church wear different colors when the men all wear dark pants, white shirts and ties. Yesterday was zone conference and Sister Wilson, our mission president's wife, asked me to take a young sister to the doctor. Elder Gubler, myself and Sister Cook couldn't resist taking a picture when we met at the church. Here is what we had all chosen to wear (of course without consulting with each other.) When Sister Cook and I went to the see the doctor, the receptionist smiled and nodded, obviously liking our church uniform. We just laughed. It was a fun time!


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