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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flat Stanley and His Fun Activities

Some of our favorite people

Elder Gubler in the bush

Sister Gubler and a Termite Mound
We decided to have a few Flat Stanley activities. First, we took Flat Stanley to church with us to meet all of the young people we work with every week.

Here is a picture of Elder Gubler in the African Bush on the way home from Lobatse. The bush is really green and pretty this time of year. In the winter (that's summer in the United States) there is no rain so the bush is really dry.

Other people have US animals crossing the road

Outside the Gaborone Game Reserve

Next, we went to the Gaborone Game Reserve and saw some fun animals.

Here are the fun animals we saw. We couldn't take pictures with Flat Stanley and the animals because the camera couldn't focus on both at the same time.
Oryx, one of few we've seen 

Kudo, he just wanted to pose for us


Mr Warthog

Monkeys on the fence

Look closely in the tall grass and you can see young ostriches


  1. Those are awesome pictures. You guys are seeing some amazing things and I'm sure you are experiencing some amazing things too!!! Sure love you. Loved talking to you today:)