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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Botswana Consumer Trade Fair.

Excited that we've almost finished setting up. We actually thought we were finished when we decided to add "decor"
From l-r: the Taylors, Bro Thebe, the Humphries, Caiphus, the Gublers, Sister Wilson and Andrea Wilson
 (please notice how our church is worded in our title signs)
The Botswana Consumer Trade Fair 
We decided, as a mission, to enter the Botswana Consumer Trade Fair and get our presence out there. We had stake members and missionaries cycle through and help with handing out information as well as explain, very simply, our doctrine. We had a very spiritual and amazing experience talking with many people. We handed out pass along cards like candy. The children especially loved having a picture of Christ of their very own. (While Elder Gubler and I were walking around and enjoying the Fair at during a lull in activity I heard a little boy yell, "Mama, see her, she gave me CHRIST" pointing at me) I know that most of these cards actually made it home because people here not only love Jesus but also keep things and don't throw them away. I told the children I handed cards to that the pictures should go by their beds so they could look at Jesus first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I got to use a few of my design skills by making the pull up banners we used at organizing how all the information would be set up. The Fair was definitely a highlight of our mission.

We also won 1st place in the Consumer Fair.

Sister Wilson loving the consumer fair and our display

Isn't that the best smile ever? We had a great time at the fair and loved meeting new people.

We won 1st Place for our display. Notice, the "the" is in the correct place in our title.


  1. So wonderful Mom and Dad! Your booth looks amazing!

  2. Brother and Sister Gubler -
    Did you serve two missions in the Botswana-Namibia Mission? Did you do a blog for your second mission there?
    (My wife and I have requested that mission.)