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Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Just so you don't think all we do is play, I'm updating our blog before we leave for the Senior Couples retreat in South Africa.

Sister Tu (new) Sister Banda, Sister Gillis (new)
March 5th was Transfer Day. We received 5 brand new sisters and 8 new elders. The Taylors, the Sisters already here and we picked up the new sister missionaries. Because there were so many people moving around and leaving Gaborone for Francis Town, the Senior Missionaries fed and housed them. March 6th we started the immigration process. When the new missionaries come in we have to do all the immigration stuff, get packets with the new missionaries' passport copies, birth certificates, pictures, physicals and a wide variety of things ready for immigration. Most of this can't be finished until the new missionaries arrive. The Elders and Sisters spent the entire day with us getting this process completed. The 2 of the USA Sisters have African companions and got to start driving without much guidance. They are doing well but were scared to death!

Sister Pierce (new) and Sister Wiscome
 March 7th, we left bright and early (about 1:00pm) with two cars of sisters and a kingcab bakki holding the Taylors and us (and supplies for Francis Town). About halfway up to Francis Town, we realized that none of us had thought about phone for the new sets of Sisters.Oops!. (We found this out when we tried to call one of the companionships in the car and got Sister Joseph in Gaborone). Anyway, we all arrived safe and sound after a 5 hour trip on questionable roads that turned out to be much better than the roads a bit further on towards Kasane.

Sister Vuki and Sister N

Sister Joseph and Sister Anderson
 We had a lovely dinner with the Senior Couples and the new to the area Sister missionaries. We now have 2 sets of Sisters and 4 sets of Elders in Francis Town. (In addition to the 3 sets of Senior Couples) The Woolfs are going home April 1st and a new couple is coming May 5th. We are so sad to be losing the Woolfs but look forward to meeting the new couple that will replace them. After a lovely dinner, we stayed at Elder and Sister Abraham's home. I'm very jealous of their over head fan in the bedroom. (The Abrahams are from St George.)
Elder Brown (new) Elder Hansen (Trainer)
Elder Balmforth and Elder Fraga (new to area)

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