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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Now we can show pictures of Kasane. Kasane is up on the very top of Botswana. It is on the Chobe River across from Namibia. (Just down the road a bit is the place where four countries touch each other, it's the only place in the world that this happens) Kasane is also the place where animals (elephants etc.) roam the streets and is 5 hours and on horrid roads from Francis Town. We have a group of 14 members there. After painting and prepping the house they used for a meeting house, they held an Open House for the community on Saturday, Mar. 9. Sunday, 47 people were in attendance (again FORTY-SEVEN people attended church that day) Amazing! We were able to take the picture of Christ up for them to have in the hallway. 

Abrahams, Taylors, Cornellia, Gublers (This was after a lovely game drive that did great things to our hair)
Cornellia is an amazing young woman. She is from Zimbabwe. Her family had a farm there but it was taken away. Her parents now live in Maun, Botswana (the very bottom of the Okevango Delta). Cornellia works putting tours together and such for people who come to town; she works for one of the hotels there. Cornellia flew back to Zimbabwe for a visit, was taught the gospel and was baptized there. For several years, she flew back several times a year so that she could attend church. Slowly, more people who were members came to Kasane and a "group" was formed. If they get one more priesthood holder, they can have a Branch! (We senior couples have all volunteered to go and open Kasane to missionaries, we'll see if there happens). Cornellia and several of her friends have come to the USA to visit and tour the temple there. I believe she received her endowments in Utah. Anyway, she is truly amazing and a really strong member of the church.

We did our part for the open house. We were leaving Saturday morning, after the game drive, we kind of got side tracked. After deciding we should have lunch, KFC, Elder Gubler thought we should eat on the KFC patio instead of the car. The Taylors and I were pretty surprised because we knew that Elder Gubler was concerned about the 10 hour drive home. While we were eating, a nice young man with an earring in one ear came up to us and asked us where the church building was. He wanted to go to church the next day. After many phone calls (most of them dropped because of the lousy cell service) we were able to get him to the church that Saturday for the open house. He is from Francis Town but is living with his uncle and looking for a job in Kasane. He even helped pass the Sacrament Sunday because he is a priest. Just think, he wouldn't have found the church if we hadn't taken time to eat where we could be seen.

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