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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Learners in Botswana

A car driving down the road in front of our flat (yes, we were behind it)
Well, it's about time! Only one and a half months...definitely time for a new post. I thought I would post of something we enjoy quite a bit here in Bots. For most of us, a big "L" means "loser" but here in Bots, it stands for something entirely different. It stands for "Learner". So that those who are learning don't get mixed up with those who have experience the "L" separates them.

Instead of a "Driver's Ed" logo you get a big "L" on the back of your car.

Even worse is if you are new at your job as a server, You also get a HUGE "L" on your back. :-)
Our very cute and excellent "new" server at Spurs.

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