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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Season

Yes, I finally have decided to blog again. My, it has been a long time. It feels so interesting to remember last year and the thoughts we had starting our mission together. Now, 14 months later, we're old pros living in Botswana. The people are great. For the holidays, everyone who can, goes home to his/her home village, leaving the city pretty empty.

We were able to have a fun party Dec 18 with the whole mission. Oh my! We had a talent show that was like something I had never seen before. It's obvious that our Elders and Sisters have attended Scout and YW camps. I'm pretty sure that some of you would have recognized the skits. For dinner, we had "Rio Leo" (faux Cafe Rio food). Because of a shortage of Mexican food in Botswana, we had to look up recipes online as well as make some up because of no tomatillos being available in country. We had pulled sweet pork burritos and everyone loved them. I've even learned how to make flour tortillas that are so wonderful!

Christmas Day, the missionaries went by Zones to the senior couple in their zone area for lunch and some time together. For lunch I made "yummy" potatoes, ham, rolls, tossed salad, red jello/pretzel salad and we finished it off with apple pie and ice cream. I don't think anyone left hungry. After our meal, it was playing games while missionaries took turns calling home.

We had a wonderful Holiday! We were able to talk with all of our children and their families. Oh how we miss them! Next year, we'll be home. With our Children. And, missing our wonderful friends and missionaries here.

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