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Sunday, January 12, 2014

You're having another birthday!

Elder Gubler was able to celebrate his birthday here in Botswana. It was a pretty exciting  birthday for sure. This week we received our Christmas as well as Elder Gubler's Birthday package. We are extremely pleased that everything got here so fast! In the mission office, we live vicariously. When someone gets a package they get to open it in front of those of us in the office. We ooh and awww and are so happy for them. Its like we just received a package ourselves. Elder Klingler always says "Sweet!"

Our Christmas packages held CDs and pictures of our children and grandchildren. Oh, I just want to pick them up and squeeze them!(Not the CDs and pictures but the real grandchildren!) We also received lots of dried fruit, yeast, summer sausage (yummy) and a video of "42", a baseball movie about Jackie Robinson. We have eaten some of the sausage on home made rolls, eaten the yummy fruit, looked and laughed at the photos and just thought of all our special family. Oh how we love you!

Then came the birthday package. Ta-da! Heidi sent the package to us by DHL. But, I gave her our postal address at Postnet Kgale, our mail box. Oops! We didn't think we would ever see the package BUT DHL found us at our physical address! And, on Friday, the day before the big 70. We receive quite a bit of mail from DHL, for the mission office and we think they remembered our name, or it was a just plain miracle! Other than that, we have no idea how it got here but we are so pleased. We both thoroughly enjoyed the book our family put together for Elder Gubler. Oh those letters and the pictures of us all when we were young and had color in our hair! Very thoughtful remembrances from our children and grandchildren.

Flat Stanley came for a visit. I think he wanted to see what was in our Christmas package.

Best companion ever! Birthday boy with his Birthday book and Flat Stanley to help celebrate with us.
In the Birthday package was Flat Stanley. George sent him to visit with us. We will take him into Gaborone with us tomorrow. Hopefully we can get some fun pictures.


  1. Awesome picture. We are so glad you got your package and we love you both so much! So happy flat stanley was there to share it with you!!

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday Grandpa. We love you.

  3. Thanks for posting...I love reading about your mission and seeing the fun pictures! We miss you too, and know that you're doing great work :) Happy Birthday, Dad!