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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monkeys and our Monday Easter Picnic

The day after Easter, the South Botswana area of our mission had an Easter Braai at the Gaborone Game Reserve. We roasted Russians and Viennas, not quite like our American hot dogs but still tasty. Everyone of us brought something to share and the Wilsons brought the meat and buns.
Roasting hot dogs

And the eating

We barely got started when monkeys came to visit. All of us soon substituted eating with feeding. The monkeys loved the bread and water melon. When I fed one broccoli, he wasn't very impressed. One of our elders even gave one poor monkey a cup of cola. Poor monkey got pretty hyper. He was all over the place after that!
Sister Gubler feeding a monkey

Elder Gubler feeding a monkey

And, then the fun began. Sister Wilson and I moved away from the group and started hiding Easter Eggs. Awe, the fun. The monkeys were pretty busy with the missionaries so we thought we were safe. Sadly, no, the monkeys followed us, found the eggs and tried to open them as fast as we hid them. It truly was the best way to have an Easter Picnic EVER!
Hiding Easter Eggs

Finding Easter Eggs

Stalking Sister Wilson


  1. I enjoyed your pictures and the Easter Egg Hunt was the best. Did the monkeys like thee eggs or did they spit them out.

  2. We had ants find our eggs. I think monkeys are much more fun!! Sure love you. Can't wait to show the kids!