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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Odie Weavers

Odie is between Phakalane (Paw-caw-lawn-ee) and Mochudi (Moe-chew-dee). The Taylors and Rands took us to see the Oodi Weavers. The women who are the weavers are pretty amazing. First, freshly shorn wool is purchased from South Africa. The wool is then hand-dyed to make the beautiful colors that are then spun into yarn and woven into wall hangings. There is no pattern to follow, the women just make it up as they weave. Last July we bought a small hanging for the entry hall in our home. These are one of the actual "Made in Botswana" souvenirs that can be bought here. The women receive a commission on each weaving they sell. We had a wonderful time watching and learning.
Spinning wool into yarn

Elder Gubler and Elder Taylor
This is the weaving we bought. You can't tell this, but it hangs over our circuit breaker panel that is in our entry hall